Jim Strong 36fibulae Chocolate MONK 2022
Jim Strong Yes, Goodbye Cor Ardens 2021
Eyes of the Amaryllis SIFT Horn of Plenty 
Eyes of the Amaryllis s/t Cor Ardens 2021 here
jim strong voluntary letters MOREMARS 2021 here
Melkings FIN Hologram 2021 here
Melkings Movement Musik Regional Bears 2019 here
jim strong teaching cats to play piano 2019 no label
Melkings Outten Inside: The Second In A Series Of Three 
‎The Gift of Music 2018
Melkings Outten O.D.'d: A Sound Event In Five Movements ‎here 
The Gift of Music 2017

jim strong ‎ The Sallow Rakes  Vitrine ‎ 2016 here 

jim strong Vee and J rise after car burn no Label 2015 rereleased Phinery 2017
Fleisenberg/Strong Belly Mecanique 2016 no label
jim strong Chapel/ Vat no label 2015
jim strong in the merops sally 2013 no label
jim and logan s/t no label 2010

New Tulips Regional Bears 2020
FUGGUM vol 3 Freakdom 2020
First Citizens of the Moon Cor Ardens 2019
Songs Recorded in Cathedrals WFMU 2019
The future of the werewolf 2018 no label 

T.D. "Standing Water" MoreMars 2021
Weyes Blood The Innocents Mexican Summer 2014 
Weyes Bluhd Evacuating Zombie Milk no label 2008
Mel Bentley Red Green Blue Vitrine 2015
strawberry hands I advance wearing a mask peace isn't luck 2020


fish songs  Bentley/Strong 2017 no press 

select exhibitions/ festival curation: 
Salamander Mask Exhibition Pilot Projects Philadelphia 2018
Human Festival 01   Performance Festival / Video Installation 
The Paintings of Philippa Beardsley in X1 Vox Populi Gallery 2018 
Early Shinada Bless the dark 2018 Video Installation Vox Populi 2018
DiscorDance: an exploration of Discordance in Improvised sound and movement Performance Festival Temple University, Mascher Space and Vox Populi Philadelphia, PA 2018
Razan AlSalah   Your father was born a 100 years old, and so was the Nakba أبوكي خلق عمره ١٠٠ سنة، زي النكب Video Installation Vox Populi, Philadelphia 2018
Public Access Labyrinth Drew Zimmerman: The Treasure of Oak Island video installation 
Vox Populi Philadelphia PA and RhizomeDC Washington DC 2017
Body, Technology, Utopia: Everyday Labyrinths   Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
Voice into Sound Vox Populi 2017
The films of BOBO featured in 1+1+1+1+1+1 Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017