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Musical Instruments and Performance


Above photos of Instruments by Jason Rusnock





Solo Improvisation in Cleveland, OH 11.5.2016
filmed by: Ryan Manning

Minna Kartunnen - Movement - Finland
Elise Knudson- Movement - New York
Jim Strong- Invented Instruments - Pennsylvania 

The Death and Painful Dismemberment of Paul W. Auster live sound / Sound design by jim strong.

Jim Strong‘s work explores a broad range of activity with a focus on experimental instrument building, painting, improvised performance, cross-disciplinary collaborations and curation. His Instruments are built intuitively utilizing Crank Mechanisms, Strings, Broken Electronics and pressurized air. His most recent work explores movement and improvisation through wearable instrumentation. He Plays solo and in variable group improvisations and works collaboratively in Dance, Video and Theater. His Video work has been shown internationally notably in RAUMERWEITERUNGSHALLE in Berlin, CPH:DOX (Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Icebox Project space in Philadelphia. He Curates multimedia events under shifting monikers (GENTLE SHEERS, membrane channel etc.) having presented Audrey Chen, Jill Flanagan / Forced into Femininity, Metropolarity, Elaine Kahn, Panoply Performance Lab, BOBO and Pod Blotz to name a few.  In addition, Strong is a founding member of the Impermanent society of Philadelphia and the Pfff! festival promoting the art form of free Improvisation in Movement and Dance and a member of Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia.

Across modes and media; Strong’s work finds its home in incongruence; between the comedic and the grotesque; the domestic and the extraterrestrial.

“Rubber burns on a pyre of wet oak. Breath bleeds into the more discreet sounds of the body. Jim Strong has made a name for himself privileging the collaborative and intuitive serendipity of performance.” – Vitrine



Impermanent Society of Philadelphia
Vox Populi
Crisis of Taste 
Mel Bentley
Ted Carey
 Jason Rusnock


BFA- University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA 2008

 Group Exhibition:   
"Making It" University of the Arts Philadelphia, PA 2017
"Workshop" Exhibition and Residency RhizomeDC Washington DC (forthcoming) 2017
"New Members Show" Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
 "Life, Death and The Absurd" at Third Street Gallery Philadelphia PA 2016 
"Paths that Cross" @ The Cameron Street Gallery Winchester, VA 2016
"HyperIntersection" @ Pageant Gallery Philadelphia 2015
"Mechanism of the writer" @ ArtCON2015/ Little Berlin Philadelphia 2015
"Open House" vacant house, Philadelphia PA  2014
"Food for thought" 440 Gallery, Brooklyn NYC  2014
“1.5 million” Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery. Philadelphia, PA Oct 2009


Interview by Cacophony Magazine 2016

"Thomas Chimes and Mari shaw - a philadelphia story"  Art Blog Art Blog  Andrea Kirsch 2015


TNMOT AZTRO: "The Projector Series 1.5" (forthcoming)
Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
Public Access Labyrinth Drew Zimmerman: The Treasure of Oak Island 
Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017

Body, Technology, Utopia: Everyday Labyrinths 
group show  Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
1+1+1+1+1+1 Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017

Pfff 2016 Philadelphia Free Form Festival
October 17th -23th 2016  Icebox Crane Arts Building  (forthcoming) 

"Buttery Coldness" Film Screening, Lecture/ Performance with Lily Benson and Julia Pelta Feldman Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017

Overlapping Kinespheres Embodied Improvisation and the (___) Global Underscore Mascher Space Philadelphia 2016

NowHere Festival of Free Improvisation in Sound & Movement

October 19 - October 25, 2015 Icebox Project Space Philadelphia PA 2016
Dedicated to promoting the Free Improvisation artform, the festival included 27 movement and sound artists from across the US. 

Gentle Sheers -- 2014-Present 
Performance Series with Constantly Shifting Monikers focus on Cross Disciplinary Sound, Theater, Dance, Poetry and Screenings.  To name a few, has hosted: Metropolarity, BOBO, Audrey Chen, Panoply Performance Lab, Aye Nako, Pod Blotz...

 Select Screenings: 

"Misrecollections Ghost" with C.J. Alvarez @  
RAUMERWEITERUNGSHALLE,  Berlin-Friedrichshai 2015
"Misrecollections Ghost" with C.J. Alvarez Sewanee Union Theater in Sewanee, TN 2015
"Camera swinging from a Rope" w/ digby 30 seconds, 2013 20/92 Video Screening @ Icebox Project Space 
"Everything all at Once" w/ lily benson 4 min, 2011  Pink Pony, New York 
"Getting Dressed" excerpt from The Film Balad of Mama Dada 2:08 min, 2013
Roulette Theatre in Brooklyn, NYC,  August 8th  

The whitney museum ISP exhibition June 15 2013  
CPH:DOX (Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival)
World Premiere
November 14, 2013
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
January 18, 2014
International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)
Dutch Premiere
January 28, 2014
Lisbon International Independent Film Festival (IndieLisboa)
Portuguese Premiere
May 2014
New Horizon International Film Festival
International Competition: Films on Art
Polish Premiere
July-August, 2014

Select Theater/ Performances:

"Mechanism of the Writer" Little Berlin Philadelphia 2015
"Banquet of Limitless Opportunity" Humble Treasures Productions/ Little Berlin 2015
"Painter and Pataphysician: Thomas Chimes" Mari Shaw and Humble Treasure Productions, Slought Foundation 2015
"The Death and Painful Dismemberment of Paul W. Auster" Humble Treasure Productions, Little Berlin Philadelphia PA 2014  
"Antoinette and the Milky City" Cecilia Corrigan, Philadelphia PA 2006


Artist Member, Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2016-Present
Curator Member, Impermanent Society of Philadelphia 2015-Present
Ernest W. Greenfield Annual, 2008
Michael Leone Award, 2007 

Recent past performances:
November 7th-10th 2014: Little Berlin.  Philadelphia PA.  w/ HTP
December 20th 2014: Vox populi. Philadelphia PA. w/ Sublime Frequencies 
February 7th 2015: First Banana. Philadelphia PA. w/ RSK, LXV, IMF, Jenny Hanniver, Gene Pick 
February 24th 2015: Painter and pataphysician.  Philadelphia PA. Slought foundation. w/ HTP
March 4th 2015 Memorial Chapel, Wesleyan.  Middletown, CT. w/ Vigilante Margarita and Bernd Klug
Attic Room w. Layne Garrett (DC), Al Margolis (NY), Mel Bentley (PA), Zachary Darrup (PA)- Strings and Text
 . March 20th Philadelphia: at THE VAT  w/ Seceret Boyfriend, Tether, Newton
 . March 21st Baltimore at The Red Room w/ tpt+tpt (Dave Ballou and Jeff Kaiser)
 . March 22nd: D.C. at Union Arts w/ Fire Death, Ian Mcain and Luke Stewart,        Patrick Cain
March 30th 2015 duo with Eun Jung Choi (movement) at Vox Populi in Philadephia
also with Ben Bennett/ Michael Foster, No Flesh Zone and Sargentt
SAT, APRIL 11TH 2015 with Eun Jung Choi (movement) at mascher space (Night Kitchen) also with // LIGHTNING ROD SPECIAL, CHRISTINA GESUALDI and SHANE CLARK
April 24th:  D.C. Union Arts duo with Martin Freeman (Electronics)
May 2nd 2015: Banquet of limitless opportunities @ Little Berlin
May 3rd 2015 "Mechanism of the writer" w/ Gwendolyn Rooker and Jacob Brunner @ Little Berlin
September 12th 2015 House Gallery 1816 Frankford Ave, Phila, PA 19125 between Berks and Montgomery. 8 pm start sliding scale $7-10 trio with  Eun Jung Choi (Dance) / Elise Knudson from NYC (Dance)   
September 18 2015- Mt. Airy Read and Eat 7141 Germantown Ave Phila, PA duo w/ Joel Kromer       
September 29 2015 - Consolidated Cardboard, Allentown trio with Jack Wright (sax) and Zach Darrup (guitar) 
October 8th 2015 @ h.o.t. series @ Mascher Space Philadelphia
October 11th 2015 @ 12.00PM - 6.00PM outside of Sugarcube at 124 N. 3rd Street with Imozoku Butoh
October 20th @ Pageant Gallery :Algea Group w/ Z Darrup and Unguent_ also Tether, Martin Freeman and Patrick j. Cain
November 6th 2015 @ Goldilocks gallery dreams in a cryogenic fugue release duo with digbie + eliot klein, richie morseberger
November 8th 2015  @ Vox Populi  w. Ethan Tripp, Anne f Jacques and Tim Olive
November 10th 2015 @ Vox Populi veRmulsCHt (Berlin), Whoopsydaisy and SCC
November 18th 2015 @ Strong family home: Digbie,  Whoopsydaisy, David Fishkin, Eliot Klein, Derek Baron (NYC) and more 
November 5th 2015 @ Da Vinci Art Center Anais Maviel/ Micheal Foster, Mike Bruno and Babanaga 
November 8th 2015 @ Dixons Place NYC Curated by Marcia Monroe.  Trio with Elise Knudson and Minna Karttunen (Movement)  Also: Emily Berry, Carol Mendes, Parijat Desa and Rachel Oliver
December 12th 2015 @ Lacuna  trio with Lauren Pakradooni and David Sutton. also Shots, Adrian Rew, Jero Route 66 and DJ creative person 
December 13th 2015 @ The warm worm Valerie Keuhne. Toru. Duo with Shaina Kapeluck
December 19th 2015 @ House in Bethlehem Trio with David Sutton and Mike Bruno
December 21st 2015 @ Commun Circuit NOise Festival duo with Digbee 
1-9-16 Davinci Art Alliance Kapeluck/ Imozoku/ Strong
2-5-16 Lava Space
GENTLE SHEERS 01 at Vox Populi, Philadelphia 3/22/16
Fiona Parkers Birthday 4/2/16  at Eris Temple Arts with Bath Assaults, Fiona Parker and the spitting truth, New age Realty and more
GENTLE SHEERS 03 at Vox Populi, Philadelphia 4/5 /16
The Impermanent Society of Philadelphia Presents: Audrey Chen 4/9/16 at the Argentine Tango School
Duo Tour with Flandrew Fleisenberg 2016
Wednesday 4/13 - Roanoke, VA at ArtRat Studios   .   Thursday 4/14 - Columbus house show put on by Bobb Hat and Jen Powers  .  Friday 4/15 - Toledo, OH at Robinwood Concert House  .  Saturday 4/16 - Detroit at Spread Art/ Detroit Contemporary  .  Sunday 4/17 - Chicago at Elastic Arts
Gentle Sheers 04- Piss Kills Mold (Jimmy Joe Roche) with Jim Strong, Will Schorre, Khristian Weeks and Peter Redgrave + more TBA + location TBA
Duo with Anais Maviel (N'Goni/ Vox/ Drum)  OTWO series (On The Way Out) at Freddys Bar Brooklyn, NY 5/24/16
Gentle Sheers 05 - David Lackner and Austin Knight, Sun Color (Barcelona, Spain), Daniel Fishkin, Fers Yn Ri  at R&D Vinyl
June 5th 2016 Narberth Family House show Goodbye to Manon Manavit with: People Skills, Bonnie Kane, Shadow Band, Eliot Klein, Jack Wright /Jim Strong duo, Whoopsy Daisy, Ghost in Salad and many more tba
June 12th 2016 Impermanent Society Presents: Anastasia Clark/Sandy Gordon/ Samuel Lang Budin (NY), Neil Feather (Baltimore) and Daniel Fishkin/ Jim Strong duo
 June 16th  2016:  Hollow Deck (MA), Erik Ruin Ominous Cloud Ensemble, Hallowed Bells and Schuyler Thum @ 3947 Ogden St Philadelphia
June 18th  2016: Rooted Ritual:Arcane Growth duo with LXV 
 June 23rd 2016: "Buttery Coldness" a  Film and Performance/Lecture Hosted by Lily Benson featuring Julia Pelta Feldman at Vox Populi

July 7th-9th 2016 ARTMAF 2016 in Virginia
July 13th 2016: ISOP presents Katt Hernandez
July 23rd 2016: Naka Naka * Cienfuegos * LXV & Jim Strong * Gene Pick & Slow Tongued Beauty * CC * DJ's Diamond Girl & Deflector @ Berks warehouse
August 31st-October 2nd 2016 Sound Installation co-authored with Jacob Brunner in conjunction with exhibition at 3rd street Gallery in Philadelphia
September 4th 2016 : Queer Trash III at Bizarre Bushwick in Brooklyn NY with Jacob Wick (Mexico City), Madame Kim Fatale and K-12 aka Gabe Ruin
September 11th 2016 : ISOP presents Derek Baron and Sandy Gordon
September 12th 2016  the Vat also with Bomb Trep, Fleshtone Aura and Leadpipe
September 15th 2016: solo at Eris Temple Arts
September 17th 2016 Duo with Jacob Brunner / Sound Installation at 3rd Street Gallery
September 24th 2016 H.O.T. Series of Philadelphia, Mascher Space
*August 31st-October 2nd Sound Installation co-authored with Jacob Brunner in conjunction with exhibition at 3rd street Gallery in Philadelphia*
October 17th Ruff Bummer (FL), Voice Hoist (FL), W00dy and Jim Strong @ Kungfu Necktie Upstairs
 Monday October 17 - Sunday October 23, 2016
Impermanent Society presents 2nd Annual festival of Free Improvisation in Sound and Movement.

The festival runs from Monday October 17th - Sunday October 23th 2016 and will present a wide range of programming including community focused workshops, adult & youth education, panel discussions, professional development and performances

October 27th-November 6th Ghost in Salad and Jim Strong Halloween/Fall Tour
*Venue/Details Soon*
Rough Itinerary:
27 DC @ Rhizome with Thomas Helton and Susan Alcorn
28 Richmond @ Erics House with OOZING + more
29 Chapel hill @ Cathedral2 with Patrick Gallagher and De_Plata
30 Atlanta @ Eyedrum w/ Takumi and Avrosh

31 Chatanooga, Tennessee:  Chattanooga, TN @ Artifact Frightening Ass Existence Fest w/ Trippy Machete, Tape Canvas & Baby Magic
1 Disputanta, Kentucky : Clear Creek Community Theater  Building Soil Discussions on Soil Science and Sustainability. with John Graham of NRCS followed by Day of the Dead Experimental Music Soire
3 Chicago Cafe Mustache with Cocteau Sang and LORD MUTE
4 Detroit @ DITTO ditto w/ CREODE
5 Cleveland @ Gallacom INTL  w/ Machine Listener and Bbob Drake
6 Pitt @ Palanzos / Alternative Currency Market

November 13th: Like a Villian and Tom Blancarte 4th Narberth Fire dinner also w/ Lindsay Gambone, Excersise transfer, Ross Greibnow/ Schuyler Thum, Roger Martinez, Shaina Kapeluck, Ben Bennett, Brian Osborne/ Nick Millevoi and Accretionist.  
Nov 14th 2016- KYLE EYRE CLYD (new orleans), Jack Wright, Lead Pipe and Tristan Arthur Dahn @ Vox Populi 8 pm
Dec 4th 2016- Positive Movement Drill Team  + Marcia Custer (Cleveland, OH) + Michael Foster (NY) / Ben Bennett duo + DJ Asteria@ Vox Populi 8 pm
December 12th 2016 at Yung Kandy Collective  Id m theft able / Jim Strong/ Ghost in Salad
Jan 13th 2017
8 PM Gentle Sheers co-presenting with independent label, Ramp Local
Beam Splitter Audrey Chen + Heinrik Munkeby Nørstebø (NO/DE)
Night Burger, Sunk Heaven (NY). LGHQ (NY) Old Maybe

January 22nd 2017
8 PM Gentle Sheers presents
Paideia  North Carolina Sound/ Movement ensemble
Elaine Kahn, Isolde Touch and Ghost in Salad

"New Members" Exhibition at Vox POPULI  Jan 6th-Feb19th

Jan 28th 2017
8 PM Gentle Sheers presents
Bobo's seminal ex-philadelphia performance/art band/curatorial entity
Fish Songs  Mel Bentley + Jim Strong Emma Branson, Lady Shame, 
ipissimuse's golden darn

February 10, 2017, 6PM at Vox Populi:
Voice into Sound an evening of readings and performances with Jane Carver (voice+sound), FISH SONGS (voice+movement), Shaina Kapeluck (voice+stories), 21st Century Band (Call in + voice), Jacob Brunner (poem), curated by Tina Plokarz + Jim Strong

February 12, 2017, 4PM at Vox Populi
Gallery Talk with Kelli Morgan (The Winston & Carolyn Lowe Curatorial Fellow for Diversity in the Fine Arts, PAFA) [or shorter: Lowe Curatorial Fellow, PAFA]

February 18th, 2017 8 pm
Gentle Sheers and All Mutable present:
Moosebumps : Free Jazz from Sweden
Heru Shabaka ra  

Month of March- Public Access Labyrinth Drew Zimmerman: The Treasure of Oak Island at Vox Populi 
Wednesday April 5th: Lea Bertucci (NY) + Bhob Rainey + Yixuan Pan
Thursday April 6th: Housework at Vox: Kay Gabriel + Kyle Schlesinger + Elias Rodriques + Marc Anthony
Friday April 7th: "Body, Technology, Utopia: Everyday Labyrinths" opens with video work by Cristina Tufino & Alex Nguyen-Vo, Gabe Rubin, Lily Benson, Asha Sheshadri, Suzy Poling/Pod Blotz
Tuesday April 18th: Missdick vibrocis (Jill Flanagan/Forced into Femininty and Lorene Bouboushian) + Vitche-Boul Ra + Stroker + Yureka Cash
Saturday April 22nd: Morgan Evans Weiller + Luke Martin (still seeking venue any ideas welcome)
Sunday April 23rd: Just the Right Height (keke hunt), Kayla Guthrie, Jim Strong, Mother Night (Lux Phillips) and BOBO at Honeys New York City BOBO curated series
Thursday May 11th: Jim Strong and Tavishi, Ghost in Salad, Womajich Dialyseiz at Crystal Palaces in Richmond Virginia
Friday May 12th- Sat 13th: Savage Weekend 2017 *JS on the 13th 
Wednesday June 20: JT IV memoirs  -a listening party, reading and happy hour discussion at Wild Mutations (6-7pm)
June 22-24- TNMOT AZTRO "The Projector Series 1.5" at Vox Populi 

July 7 - Matchess, TALsounds, Valley Exit and Profligate @ the vat
August 11- Leila Bordreuil/ Zach Rowden duo + TJ Borden, Jack Wright and Zach Darrup +Tominsky Sutton + JS solo
August 20- Paved Paradise: Vox Populi Fundraiser w/ Matt Kalasky, Kimya Imani Jackson + Schuyler Thum, Ghost in Salad feat. Unguent, Boodles the Clown, Daniel Fishkin + Jim Strong + Taji Nahl + Positive Movement Drill Team

September 2- CutShutters from texas + Gabi Losoncy at Mascher Space
October 5th- Ami Yamasaki (Japan), Vitche-Boule Ra+ JS trio at UARTS
October 11th- Bill Nace and Twig Harper + Jupiter Blue +  Gina Elizabeth Murdock

12.6.17 6pm-8pm Alexa Hoyer closing at Eastern State Penitentiary performances by JS and Lara Allen (NY)

12.10.17 Lane Speidels Top Surgery Fundraiser @ Vox Populi

For Immediate Release:

Salamander Mask: Malachi Lily, Ghost in Salad, Erik Ruin, Saki Sato, Cristina Tufiño, Carol Wisker, Pomona Za, and Drew Zimmerman.

January 6 - February 2, 2017
Opening Reception January 6, 7-10pm
Jan 29th: Ramona Cordova, Sarah M, Malachi Lily and Pomona Za perform in the environment of salamander mask

“There are objects composed of two terms, one of visual and another of auditory character: the color of the rising sun and the faraway cry of a bird. There are objects of many terms: the sun and the water on a swimmer's chest, the vague tremulous rose color we see with our eyes closed, the sensation of being carried along by a river and also by sleep. These second-degree objects can be combined with others; through the use of certain abbreviations, the process is practically infinite. There are famous poems made up of one enormous word. This word forms a poetic object created by the author.”

-Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges

Pilot+Projects is pleased to announce Salamander Mask, a group exhibition curated by Jim Strong featuring the work of artists Malachi Lily, Ghost in Salad, Erik Ruin, Saki Sato, Cristina Tufiño, Carol Wisker, Pomona Za, and Drew Zimmerman. Salamander Mask is a celebration of artists containing multitudes- working in highly personal modes utilizing myth, fantasy, poetry, spirituality, free association, references to history and radical politics- absorbing all of these influences into uniquely singular works which defy easy categorization.1.29.17 Closing performances by Ramona Cordova and Sarah M