"The location of the organ" exhibition at Vox Populi Gallery thru Dec 15th

Running Through Dec 15th Gallery hrs Wed-Sunday 12-6 pm + Special Events 
Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia 
Centrally, the exhibit picks up where Strong’s last show at Vox Populi, “flight of fancy” left off, offering further evolutions of the artists self-invented technique of paint application which he refers to as “Recording”. In recording, evaporation preserves crystalline ghost-images in pure pigment via compressed film-like skins which are then transferred to paper, wood or canvas. Housed in bricolage reliquaries, emergent image and animatronic hemorrhage act as symbol-language inviting the viewer towards contemplation of the imaginary, the dream and the sacred. Along the way, The location of the organ finds us traveling in a a world of writhing furniture, numinous insects, invented musical instruments and the concert works of house pets. Insistently handmade/ low-tech, Strong’s work privileges the urgency of play as the revealing of a chance cartography. Mischief as Holy play. A comic record of daily terrestrial and extraterrestrial exchange. 

photos by Jason Rusnock 

Recent Press:

*Philadelphia Writer and Artist, Drew Zimmerman reflects on "Location of the Organ" and the themes of Unschooling here

“Rubber burns on a pyre of wet oak. Breath bleeds into the more discreet sounds of the body. Jim Strong has made a name for himself privileging the collaborative and intuitive serendipity of performance.” – Vitrine

"Nothing here is two dimensional, every piece invites you to climb in behind and next to it. No edge is straight, there is no time for borders. Everything must fuse together. Every piece extends into one another through sound, orientation and commonalities." - Shoutflower

"...In the works in this show I saw bugs, leaves, bugs turning into leaves and people, wheels, spirits, butterflies, machines, and heads. Thoughts about Franz Kafka, the industrial revolution, pollution, heaven, and death floated around my head. I’m not sure what they mean, but after a week from seeing the show, the work continuously has me thinking, and once I think I know, I don’t know." - Drew Kohler, Artist/ Writer 

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