Sound Sculpture and Performance

Upcoming shows: 

2/7- Alissa Derubeis of Synth1 Library Vox Populi Gallery 
2/9- H.O.T. Series of Philadelphia Vox Populi Gallery 
2/15- Lucrecia Dalt + Metasplice Vox Populi Gallery 
3/?- Samuel Lang Budin slideshow Vox Populi Gallery 
3/29- PETRA + Zach Rowden/ John McCowen Vox Populi Gallery 
4/7-  Elizabeth A. Baker: Quadrivium Venue TBA 
4/17- Yuko Kaseki: Butoh Workshop and performance Vox Populi Gallery 
5/4-  Nicole Bindler: Embodied Palestine Solidarity Vox Populi Gallery 

Upcoming Exhibitions: 
Made of Meat Platform Project Space Dumbo, NY 2019 
Center for New Music San Francisco, CA 2019 
You are standing on a Prehistoric Ocean Sandusky Cultural Center Sandusky, OH 2019 (forthcoming) 
Shadow from a World Apart (forthcoming) collaborative installation with Paul Swenbeck, Linda Yun and Robert Chaney 

These paintings are Recordings. For close to a decade now, I’ve been developing an approach to painting using natural processes to make time and memory visible. Pools of water and pigment are cultivated across family artifacts, gifts from friends, found objects and thrift store cutlery. As the Water solution evaporates it records the information of what is beneath. Slowly they impart their likeness in a skin-layer, revealing a simulacra of the familiar.  Often these skins/ residues are presented in hand woven reliquaries.  Great care was taken to envelope them within an intimate structure and create a space to view the works in quiet focus. 

I share this information because I think it is valuable in entering the works and exploring the time which is compressed in them. 

Flight of fancy runs until October 20th at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, PA

Every person is a book about God evaporated residue, acrylic paint on book + hardware 2018

Owl plate (1971, Grannys Collection) evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood + hardware 2018 

"Green Fish, Alice" evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood + hardware 2018 

 Childs plate evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood + hardware 2018

Algae bloom assuming human image  evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood + hardware 2018

  A fiery flying roll: in migraine light evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood + hardware 2018

Family  evaporated residue, acrylic paint on paper mounted on canvas and wood  + handwoven rattan / carved wooden structure 2018

"(Three Fans) Nourished in the bread of sleep" evaporated residue, acrylic paint on paper mounted on canvas and wood  + handwoven rattan / carved wooden structure 2018 (1, installation 2, detail)

The Protein Mirror evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood  + handwoven rattan / carved wooden structure 2018

Search Light for the molluscan foot evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood  + handwoven rattan / carved wooden structure 2018

 Search Light in silver nudity  evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood  + handwoven rattan / carved wooden structure 2018

above documentation by Jason Rusnock and Sharon Koeblinger

"...In the works in this show I saw bugs, leaves, bugs turning into leaves and people, wheels, spirits, butterflies, machines, and heads. Thoughts about Franz Kafka, the industrial revolution, pollution, heaven, and death floated around my head. I’m not sure what they mean, but after a week from seeing the show, the work continuously has me thinking, and once I think I know, I don’t know." - Drew Kohler, Artist/ Writer 


Mouth with feet all around it family of wearable electroacoustic instruments inspired by dreams and horseshoe crabs 2016-present

The Sick Engine an anthropomorphic furniture and music box which periodically coughs, sneezes and plays a mechanical tune

Carved Wood, LED, Motor, Electronics, Recordings 2017

Performance, Flyer, Events Curation ephemera and documentation

Butoh and Clown performance in Abandoned Graveyard curated by Jim Strong (Mutual Irradiation) and Practice Gallery

Gaelynn Lea and Kingsley Ibeneche at Moore College curated by Jim Strong (Mutual Irradiation) He


Solo Improvisation in Cleveland, OH 11.5.2016
filmed by: Ryan Manning

Minna Kartunnen - Movement - Finland
Elise Knudson- Movement - New York
Jim Strong- Invented Instruments - Pennsylvania 

The Death and Painful Dismemberment of Paul W. Auster live sound / Sound design by jim strong.

Jim Strong is an interdisciplinary artist and curator based in the Philadelphia Area.  his work spans a variety of methods and media including painting, musical instrument invention, improvised performance, collaborations in video, dance and theater as well as curation of exhibitions, festivals and event-programming.  

Throughout Strong’s work and curation, there is an emphasis in abdicating control in pursuit of tenderness and spontaneous order.

Jim Strong is a member of Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, PA where he co-chairs the Black box theater space and 4th wall video series.  

He curates Mutual Irradiation an interdisciplinary performance and lecture series which takes place in art spaces, schools,  graveyards and other public locations. Referencing a Quaker devotional text, Mutual Irradiation refers to as an inner radiance which can be mutually drawn between the listener and the one being listened to, in the pull of deep conversation and sharing. A category of listening which in a social and reciprocal context behaves like the connecting of a circuit, beginning a transmission of radiance, intimacy, ideas, blueprints.  Using this as a starting point, Mutual Irradiation seeks to bridge experimental arts and music performance with participatory education and interfaith dialogue in the spirit of holistic exploration.  

He is also a founding member of ISOP a Philadelphia based organization that is focused on promoting freely improvised live performance particularly experimental sound and movement. Launched in 2015, ISOP seeks to produce performance and educational programming.

“Rubber burns on a pyre of wet oak. Breath bleeds into the more discreet sounds of the body. Jim Strong has made a name for himself privileging the collaborative and intuitive serendipity of performance.” – Vitrine 




BFA- University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA 2008

Solo Exhibition: 
Flight of Fancy Vox Populi Gallery  Philadelphia 2018
Workshop Exhibition and Residency RhizomeDC Washington DC 2017

Group Exhibition 

You are standing on a Prehistoric Ocean Sandusky Cultural Center Sandusky, OH 2019 (Forthcoming) 
Made of Meat Platform Project Space Dumbo, NY 2019 (Forthcoming) 
Center for New Music San Francisco, CA 2019 (Forthcoming)   
Making It University of the Arts Philadelphia, PA 2017
"A cogeries of grouse" New Members Show Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
Life, Death and The Absurd Third Street Gallery Philadelphia PA 2016 
Paths that Cross The Cameron Street Gallery Winchester, VA 2016
HyperIntersection Pageant Gallery Philadelphia 2015
Mechanism of the writer ArtCON2015/ Little Berlin Philadelphia 2015
Open House vacant house Philadelphia PA  2014
Food for thought 440 Gallery Brooklyn NYC  2014

Video Curation
Early Shinada Bless the dark 2018 Video Installation Vox Populi 2018

Razan AlSalah   Your father was born a 100 years old, and so was the Nakba
أبوكي خلق عمره ١٠٠ سنة، زي النكب
Video Installation Vox Populi, Philadelphia 2018

Public Access Labyrinth Drew Zimmerman: The Treasure of Oak Island 
video installation 
Vox Populi Philadelphia PA and RhizomeDC Washington DC 2017

Body, Technology, Utopia: Everyday Labyrinths 

video installation  
group show  Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017

1+1+1+1+1+1 Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017 
video installation 

Select Curation

DiscorDance: an exploration of Discordance in Improvised sound and movement 
Performance Festival
Temple University, Mascher Space and Vox Populi 
Philadelphia, PA 2018

Salamander Mask Exhibition Pilot Projects Philadelphia 2018

Human Festival 01   Performance Festival / Video Installation  

Icebox Project Space Philadelphia PA 2017

TNMOT AZTRO: "The Projector Series 1.5" Theater/Installation/Dance

Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
Pfff 2016 Philadelphia Free Form Festival
October 17th -23th 2016  Icebox Crane Arts Building  

Buttery Coldness Film Screening, Lecture/ Performance  

Film by Lily Benson Performance by Julia Pelta Feldman Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017

NowHere Festival of Free Improvisation in Sound & Movement 

Performance/Festival  Mascher Dance Cooperative Philadelphia PA 2015

Mutual Irradiation-- 2014-2017

Performance Series with Constantly Shifting Monikers focus on Cross Disciplinary Sound, Theater, Dance, Poetry and Screenings.  To name a few, has hosted: Metropolarity, BOBO, Audrey Chen, Panoply Performance Lab, Aye Nako, Pod Blotz...

 Select Screenings: 

Misrecollections: Ghost collaborative film with Catalina Jordan Alvarez

RAUMERWEITERUNGSHALLE,  Berlin-Friedrichshai 2015

Sewanee Union Theater in Sewanee, TN 2015

Camera swinging from a Rope collaborative film with Digbee 30 seconds, 2013 20/92 Video Screening  Icebox Project Space 

Everything all at Once collaborative film with Lily Benson
4 min, 2011  Pink Pony, New York 

collaborative film about the life of Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven curated by Lily Benson and Cassandra Guan 

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH:DOX)
Official Competition: New Visions
World Premiere
November 14, 2013

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
January 18, 2014

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)
Netherlands Premiere
January 28, 2014

Lisbon International Independent Film Festival (IndieLisboa)
Portugal Premiere
May 2014

Asterisco International LGBTIQ Film Festival
Argentina Premiere
June 3, 2014

New Horizon International Film Festival
International Competition: Films on Art
Poland Premiere
July 25, 2014

Athens Avant Garde Film Festival
Greece Premiere
12-23 November, 2014

Pink Life Queer Film Festival (Ankara)
Turkey Premiere
15-22nd January, 2015

Select Theater/ Performances:

"Mechanism of the Writer" Little Berlin Philadelphia 2015

"Banquet of Limitless Opportunity" Humble Treasures Productions/ Little Berlin 2015
"Painter and Pataphysician: Thomas Chimes" Mari Shaw and Humble Treasure Productions, Slought Foundation 2015
"The Death and Painful Dismemberment of Paul W. Auster" Humble Treasure Productions, Little Berlin Philadelphia PA 2014  


Interview by Cacophony Magazine 2016
"Thomas Chimes and Mari shaw - a philadelphia story"  Art Blog Art Blog  Andrea Kirsch 2015

Artist Member, Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2016-Present

Co-Chair BlackBox and Fourth Wall (Performance Space and Video Installation) Vox Populi 2017-Present
Curator Member, Impermanent Society of Philadelphia 2015-Present


Ernest W. Greenfield Annual, 2008
Michael Leone Award, 2007