Sound Sculpture and Performance

Upcoming Events: 
  • Friday, April 26 | 6-10pm: Opening Reception featuring a performance by Saggy on the Shadow From a World Apart stage
  • Friday, May 3 | 6-10pm: May First Friday Reception featuring performances by KIMBERLY and Alex Tominsky on the Shadow From a World Apart stage
  • Saturday, May 4 | 7-9pm: Mutual Irradiation: Embodied Palestine Solidarity with Nicole Bindler
  • Wednesday, May 8 + Thursday, May 9 | 6-11pm: Mutual Irradiation: Butoh and Noguchi Taiso Workshops/Performances with Mari Osanai + I dm Theftable
  • Sunday, May 12 | 7-9pm: Silent meeting, performance and Installation by Mille and Marina Murayama + Futurist Luncheon on the Shadow From a World Apart stage
  • Saturday, May 18 | 8-11pm: Model Home: DC based Abstract-Rap Esoterica + Michul Kuun aka NAH
  • June First Friday Reception Modular On the Spot (outdoors) and Clint Takeda/Double Wig on the Shadow From a World Apart stage
  • Sunday, June 9 | 8pm-Midnight: Performances by Tara Burke, Brooke Sietinsons and Nathalie Shapiro + Turner Williams + Anna Azizzy + Unicorns in the Snow + a Futurist summer musical dinner on the Shadow From a World Apart stage

Upcoming Installations/ Exhibitions: 

(collaboration with Sam Cusumano/ inventor of MIDIsprout and Refugia Landscape Design) 
Shadow from a World Apart (forthcoming) collaborative installation with Paul Swenbeck, Linda Yun and Robert Chaney 

Shadow From a World Apart

Robert Chaney, Jim Strong, Paul Swenbeck and Linda Yun

Presented as part of Just In Time: 30 Years of Collective Practice

Friday, April 26 – Sunday, June 23, 2019
Shadow From a World Apart is an accumulative installation and series of performances curated by current member Jim Strong in collaboration with former members Robert ChaneyPaul Swenbeck and Linda Yun. Emblematic of the multi-disciplinary nature of Vox Populi and its ever-increasing dedication to supporting experimental performance, as well as time-based and community-based practices, Shadow From a World Apart will be home to a number of programs for the extent of Just In Time
Placed centrally, the installation begins with the stage, which will function as a modular environment for performances, group contemplation, shared meals and workshops throughout the course of the exhibition. These events will, in turn, generate artifacts and miscellanea accrued and displayed through the life of the exhibition. As the archive grows, each artist/curators will also feature excerpts of their own work in conversation with each other and the growing archive.

The Harmonious Landscape” at The Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 March 2-10 at The Convention Center.  “The Harmonious Landscape” a collaborative installation utilizing sub audible frequencies, field recordings and Plant Biodata to illustrate how all parts of the natural landscape are in communication.  Created with Refugia Landscape Design and Sam Cusumano.  

Every person is a book about God evaporated residue, acrylic paint on book + hardware 2018 Vox Populi Gallery, 2018

Jim Strong is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, and curator based in the Philadelphia Area.  He works in fields as varied as painting, instrument building, performance, collaborating with landscape design, dance and theater companies and the curation of publications, exhibitions, festivals, and event programming. 

Strong’s performance practice and collaborations are rooted in Improvisation and freely reference Pop music, Surrealism, Prehistory, Technology, Alternative Education, Utopian Movements, Psychedelia, and Antinomian religion. 

He Operates the Music/Publishing Imprint, Cor Ardens (Flaming Hearts) + A regular series called Mutual Irradiation which pairs Experimental performance in conversation with Quaker Silence, Participatory Learning and Deep Listening Practices.  He is a founding member of Impermanent society of Philadelphia, an organization of dancers, musicians and educators promoting the art form of free improvisation and he is a current member of Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia, PA where he co-chairs the Black box theater space and 4th wall video series.  

The Sick Engine, a sort of anthropomorphic furniture set and musical instrument which would over an extended period of time: cough, sneeze, vibrate or play a song.  Predominantly inactive/silent it was an installation which rewarded those who lingered within the installation, or who happened to walk by at the right time.    This was Exhibited at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia and at Rhizome in Washington DC, an art space and grassroots community education center.  In conjunction with the exhibition I hosted workshops with area middle school aged children in which we Developed and performed Visual Musical Scores/ using Chance operations and Intuitive Mark Making and Afterwords We expanded upon these methods and also recycled some of the scores during Collaborative Book-Binding/Making workshops.

Carved Wood, LED, Motor, Electronics, Recordings 2017

Mouth with feet all around it family of wearable electroacoustic instruments inspired by dreams and horseshoe crabs 2016-present

(Three Fans) Nourished in the bread of sleep evaporated residue, acrylic paint on paper mounted on canvas and wood  + handwoven rattan / carved wooden structure 2018 

 Family (Detail) 

Owl plate (1971, Grannys Collection) evaporated residue, acrylic paint on wood + hardware 2018 

above documentation by Jason Rusnock and Sharon Koeblinger

"...In the works in this show I saw bugs, leaves, bugs turning into leaves and people, wheels, spirits, butterflies, machines, and heads. Thoughts about Franz Kafka, the industrial revolution, pollution, heaven, and death floated around my head. I’m not sure what they mean, but after a week from seeing the show, the work continuously has me thinking, and once I think I know, I don’t know." - Drew Kohler, Artist/ Writer 

Cor Ardens - an artist Imprint releasing new music, writing and artist editions curated by Jim Strong

Other Documentation and  Ephemera 





BFA- University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA 2008

Solo Exhibition: 
Flight of Fancy Vox Populi Gallery  Philadelphia 2018
The Sick Engine + Reading Room RhizomeDC Washington DC 2017

Group Exhibition 
The Harmonious Landscape at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 
You are standing on a Prehistoric Ocean Sandusky Cultural Center Sandusky, OH 2019 

Made of Meat Platform Project Space Dumbo, NY 2019 (Forthcoming) 
Center for New Music San Francisco, CA 2019 (Forthcoming)   
Making It University of the Arts Philadelphia, PA 2017
"A cogeries of grouse" New Members Show Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
Life, Death and The Absurd Third Street Gallery Philadelphia PA 2016 
Paths that Cross The Cameron Street Gallery Winchester, VA 2016
HyperIntersection Pageant Gallery Philadelphia 2015
Mechanism of the writer ArtCON2015/ Little Berlin Philadelphia 2015
Open House vacant house Philadelphia PA  2014
Food for thought 440 Gallery Brooklyn NYC  2014

Select Curation

DiscorDance: an exploration of Discordance in Improvised sound and movement 
Performance Festival
Temple University, Mascher Space and Vox Populi 
Philadelphia, PA 2018

Salamander Mask Exhibition Pilot Projects Philadelphia 2018

Human Festival 01   Performance Festival / Video Installation  

Icebox Project Space Philadelphia PA 2017

TNMOT AZTRO: "The Projector Series 1.5" Theater/Installation/Dance

Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017
Pfff 2016 Philadelphia Free Form Festival
October 17th -23th 2016  Icebox Crane Arts Building  

Mutual Irradiation-- 2014-Present

Performance Series with Constantly Shifting Monikers focus on Cross Disciplinary Sound, TheaterDance, Poetry and Screenings.  To name a few, has hosted: Metropolarity, BOBO, Audrey Chen, Panoply Performance Lab, Aye Nako, Pod Blotz...

Video Curation
Early Shinada Bless the dark 2018 Video Installation Vox Populi 2018

Razan AlSalah   Your father was born a 100 years old, and so was the Nakba
أبوكي خلق عمره ١٠٠ سنة، زي النكب
Video Installation Vox Populi, Philadelphia 2018

Public Access Labyrinth Drew Zimmerman: The Treasure of Oak Island 
video installation 
Vox Populi Philadelphia PA and RhizomeDC Washington DC 2017

Body, Technology, Utopia: Everyday Labyrinths 

video installation  
group show  Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017

1+1+1+1+1+1 Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2017 
video installation 

 Select Screenings: 

Misrecollections: Ghost collaborative film with Catalina Jordan Alvarez

RAUMERWEITERUNGSHALLE,  Berlin-Friedrichshai 2015

Sewanee Union Theater in Sewanee, TN 2015

Camera swinging from a Rope collaborative film with Digbee 30 seconds, 2013 20/92 Video Screening  Icebox Project Space 

Everything all at Once collaborative film with Lily Benson
4 min, 2011  Pink Pony, New York 

collaborative film about the life of Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven curated by Lily Benson and Cassandra Guan 

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH:DOX)
Official Competition: New Visions
World Premiere
November 14, 2013

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
January 18, 2014

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)
Netherlands Premiere
January 28, 2014

Lisbon International Independent Film Festival (IndieLisboa)
Portugal Premiere
May 2014

Asterisco International LGBTIQ Film Festival
Argentina Premiere
June 3, 2014

New Horizon International Film Festival
International Competition: Films on Art
Poland Premiere
July 25, 2014

Athens Avant Garde Film Festival
Greece Premiere
12-23 November, 2014

Pink Life Queer Film Festival (Ankara)
Turkey Premiere
15-22nd January, 2015

Select Theater/ Performances:

"Mechanism of the Writer" Little Berlin Philadelphia 2015

"Banquet of Limitless Opportunity" Humble Treasures Productions/ Little Berlin 2015
"Painter and Pataphysician: Thomas Chimes" Mari Shaw and Humble Treasure Productions, Slought Foundation 2015
"The Death and Painful Dismemberment of Paul W. Auster" Humble Treasure Productions, Little Berlin Philadelphia PA 2014  


Title Magazine/ 2019 
By Jacob Brunner

Interview by Cacophony Magazine 2016
"Thomas Chimes and Mari shaw - a philadelphia story"  Art Blog Art Blog  Andrea Kirsch 2015

Artist Member, Vox Populi Philadelphia PA 2016-Present

Co-Chair BlackBox and Fourth Wall (Performance Space and Video Installation) Vox Populi 2017-Present
Curator Member, Impermanent Society of Philadelphia 2015-Present


Ernest W. Greenfield Annual, 2008
Michael Leone Award, 2007